Etha: Tunç ‘Let them come and take us too’

Haydar Tunç, who is the father of Hasan Tunç who is 20 years old and one of the arrestees of Gezi resistance, believes his son was arrested to take revenge due to the Taksim Gezi Park actions. Tunç stated: “This process is not an organizational operation process. My child is a member of a legally acknowledged party. Being a member to a party is everyone’s right. I am also a member to an organization. I am the founder member of Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association. My wife is a member of ESP and so am I. So maybe they should come and arrest us too.”

haydar-tunçHasan Tunç is one of the youngsters who has been arrested due to the Gezi resistance. Tunç, who is 20 years old, was taken into custody during the scope of the operation carried out in 18 June against ESP. Tunç is now being held in Tekirdağ Number 1, F type Prison.

His father Haydar Tunç, believes Tunç has been arrested to avenge the Taksim Gezi Park movement. Tunç who has spoken to ETHA, gave information regarding what they experienced during their house raid, the procedures that his son has been subjected to during custody, the aims of their actions and what they have done.

Tunç evaluated the custodies and arrests: “Our house was not raided as an organization house, it was raided due to Taksim Gezi Park actions. Gezi Park, started giving messages to the government and the state. The women, children, workers, shopkeepers, homosexuals and many more at the park started relaying a message to the government. People realized they were longing to be independent and free. People wanted democracy. This process is not an organizational operation. People are after democracy. This is not about an organizational operation process. My child is a member of a legally known part. Everyone has a right to be a member to a party. I am also a member to an organization. I am the founder member of Pir Sultan Abdal Culture Association. My wife is a member of ESP and so am I. So maybe they should come and arrest us too. These arrests have been carried out because, according to them, everyone who is not supporting the views of AKP, who are not agreeing with their views and who are opposed due to the Taksim action are seen as enemies”.

Haydar Tunç, who has also described his experiences during the house raid explained that his house, which is located in 1 Mayıs district, was raided by nearly 15 policemen, at 5.00 am in the morning of 18 June. He stated that during the search of their house, policemen with long barrelled rifles kept watch outside and his son was held in a separate room.

Haydar Tunç, who stated that they would not even let Hasan go to the toilet, said; “They said keep the door open or we will have to go into the toilet with you”. We were quite angry. “That is nonsense, the flat is high up, there is nowhere to escape and we have done nothing wrong to plan an escape.” The police ensured that the door was ajar and Hasan then went to the toilet”.

Tunç, described that Hasan’s mobile phone, a letter sent to him from a friend of his who is in prison, a computer hard disk, a broken down laptop and many CD’s were confiscated after the search and his son was kept in custody for 3 days.


Haydar Tunç described the events at the Istanbul General Directorate of Security where he went to visit his son. “They took us in for questioning. They asked questions like: “Was your son a member of an illegal organization? Do you know that your son is being tried for being a member of an organization?” And I protested. I said, “Did you bring us here to question us, or for us to see our son?” “I am not sure that they only took us there to see our child. They aim to target the soft spot of families, then interrogate them and to find something to accuse them with from the answers given by the parents”.


Haydar Tunç also stated that the police said, “Why did you demand to have these lawyers? These lawyers work for the organization. Send them back and we will ask lawyers for you to come from the Bar Association. The lawyers from the Bar Association will ensure your child is set free immediately.”

Tunç, who stated that their child was tormented during the time he was in custody said that the doctors who were under Hippocratic oath were even working in cooperation with the police. Tunç said: “The police tormented our children and nearly broke their jaws. Tear gas was sprayed just to get saliva samples, in front of the doctors. All of them had scars around their necks. My child was wearing an earring and I saw that his ear was torn. He told me that one of the police officers opened their mouths by force and the other stuffed their mouths with a baton when the doctor was not near them.”


Haydar Tunç who declared that they are now organized along with all of the families whose children have been arrested due to the Gezi resistance and that they are in solidarity and that they would all struggle together to free their children, and to fight against the cruelty of the government against people, workers and laborers.

Tunç said that even after their child would be set free, they would still continue their struggle against injustice. “We will not allow our children to be killed, tormented or assassinated because of injustice. This struggle is our democratic right and no one can take this right from us. We are trying to prevent parties who see citizens only as their citizens right before the elections. If you acknowledge me as a voter during an election you need to acknowledge me in all areas of life. It is our right to use all public places”.


Tunç, who also informed us of the actions they carried out every week, said that they had first decided to gather around on Sunday’s but had then decided Saturday’s would be better upon the suggestion of Taksim Solidarity.

Tunç also advised that they had distributed the statements of “I am denouncing myself” in the social media and that these petitions would be collected at the forums, and later on that these petitions would be given to the prosecution office in Çağlayan Courthouse.

And finally Tunç stated; “We are inviting all citizens to the sit-in strike that we shall carry out as the families of those who have been arrested. I hope that everyone abroad and within the country contribute to the “I denounce myself” petitions and that they do not leave us alone in this struggle”.

17 July 2013

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