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Brighton, England


Brighton held  two demonstration in order to raise public awareness about the recent incidents in Turkey. Although, most of the people already have some level of knowledge, they have realized how serious the conditions were. Demonstrations have succeeded to attract the attention of the people passing by the streets to the recent developments in Turkey.

Socialist Feminist Collective

Women are in rebellion! And you can’t stop it with gas, tanks, batons! Women are resisting along with all oppressed groups for the last two days! Workers, Kurds, LGBT’s, Alaweits, Muslims, non-Muslims, atheists and all the oppressed, exploited, insulted, constantly blamed to be the traitors are rebelling in Turkey. The resistance that started in Gezi Park in Taksim İstanbul spread [...] → Read the full article…

Houston, USA

On June 8th, around 80 people have gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate to show solidarity with the resistance in Turkey. In the press release, the protesters have declared that it was not just about protecting the trees, it was about democracy. The interior minister, the governor and the mayor of Istanbul have been condemned. The government have also [...] → Read the full article…

LGBT Organizations in Turkey Participate (and are accepted) in Gezi Park protests

Here is a look at gezi protests from GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation:  The article by Hannah Moch from June 7th covers the unification that the different and sometimes rival groups experiences as they are united to protect gezi parki. There are opinions from protestors saying the gezi movement has allowed people from different groups to listen and [...] → Read the full article…