Bianet: Police attacks Gezi Park after PM’s eviction call

490-254Police attacked Taksim Square and Park tonight. The police evicted Gezi Park and torn protestor tents apart. Several roads leading to Taksim Square were reportedly filled with tear gas. Many injuries were reported.

At 8:50 pm local time tonight, police attacked Taksim Square and Gezi Park. “We have a meeting in Istanbul tomorrow. If Taksim Square is not evicted, police forces know how to evict it,” PM PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said today, addressing at a meeting in Ankara today.

02.50 Police gassed a crowd on a pedestrian bridge connecting Acıbadem and Çamlıca.

02.35 Two Gendarmerie TOMAs sprayed water at Istanbulites. The first one showed up around Divan Hotel area, while the second one was seen in Harbiye-Osmanbey direction.

02:30: Police gassed protestors who headed from Kadıköy and Bağdat Avenue and attempted to cross the bosporus bridge. Police also attacked protestors from Gazi neighborhood on TEM Highway.

01:55: Police fired gas bombs on the front and at the yard of German Hospital in Sıraselviler district. Several patients were affected.

01:45: Police barricaded the way to the bosporus bridge and dispersed thousands of protestors who were marching towards Taksim Square through the bosporus bridge.

01:22: Several groups are marching towards Taksim Square from Akaretler and Beşiktaş directions.

01:15: Police officers in Halaskargazi and Nişantaşı have reportedly concealed their helmet registry numbers.

00:50: Police resumed storming Nişantaşı entrance and Osmanbey district with gas bombs. Scores of people are trying to reach out to the square despite police interventions.

00:30: Thousands of people assembled in Bakırköy district and started marching towards Taksim Square through E-5 highway. Police resumed its attacks in front of Divan Hotel with tear gas boms. Those who found refuge in the hotel say that their situation is getting worse. A gas cloud took over the hotel lobby. Many people moved up in the hotel to find a spot to breath.

00:22: Police threw gas bombs at Taksim İlkyardım Hospital, a nearby hospital where several injured protestors are currently being treated.

00:14: Thousands of people from Gazi neighborhood, Okmeydanı and Kadıköy district are walking towards Taksim Square. Those who come from Gazi neighborhood have blocked TEM highway and walked with banners.

490-22900:05: Thousands of people assembled in Halaskargazi Aenue to march towards Taksim Square. Police attacks resume.

23: 50: Police used water cannons and gas bombs in Uzunçayır Metrobüs stop against protestors who have departed from Kadıköy district to Taksim Square through bosporus bridge.

23:30: An infirmary of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in Beyoğlu  has been attacked with gas bombs.

23.15: Police casted gas bombs inside Divan Oteli, one of the major locations for protestors to find refuge from police violence. Heavy police attacks resume in Istiklal Avenue.

23.11: Protestors have set off from Kadıköy to Taksim Square through the bosporus bridge. Ankara residents assembled in Kuğulu Park and launched a support campaign to Gezi Resistance.

200-26823.00: Tear gas bombs in Mecidiyeköy district around metrobus station. Several people were affected at a pedestrian bridge. Hundreds of people assembled in Şişli and marched towards Taksim Square. All roads in Unkapanı Bridge and Dolmabahçe Palace have been blocked. Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu announced that 29 people were hospitalized so far.But eyewitnesses said the toll is beyond official numbers.

22.50: Police sprayed water cannons and attacked protestors who refuged in Divan Hotel. 22.33: Dozers are working in Gezi Park – a place close to protestors and media representatives.

22.26: Thousands of people took the streets in Istanbul’s Kadıköy and Gazi districts. Many people are walking towards docks in Kadıköy.

22:00: Police attacks resume in İstiklal Avenue and Harbiye. Speaking at Artı1 television network, Chamber of Medicines General Secretary Dr. Ali Çerkezoğlu said scores of people were injured tonight. He also added that rubber bullet wounds have been reported and police intervened infirmaries.

21:50: Protestors are trying to block police intervention by forming a human chain in front of Divan Hotel and struggling to allow ambulance access.  Ambulances are continuously transferring injured people to hospitals. Several children were reportedly among those who were wounded or affected by tear gas.

21:35: Police attacked protestors in front of Divan Hotel with tear gas and water cannons. Tear gas filled the hotel. Volunteer doctors are admitting patients are treating patients in the infirmary. Ambulances arrived by hotel entrance.


Photo credit: Elif Akgül

21:25: Gezi Park has almost been evicted. Police is chasing protestors who took the side streets.

21:20: Police resumed its intervention with tear gas. Several protestor took refuged in Divan Hotel – adjacent to Gezi Park. Several Istanbulites are supporting protestors by taking the streets and making noise with pans and metal spoons.

21:15: Workers are tearing protestor tents in Gezi Park. Police is dragging and kicking tents. Protestors are responding police with slogans. Police is attacking protestors with sticks.

21:10: Several people were reportedly affected by tear gas. A smoke cloud filled Gezi Park – making it impossible to see a soul in the park. Barricades by the entrance have been removed.

21:00: Riot police entered Gezi Park and tore protestor tents by the park entrance.

20:55: Police blocked all roads leading to Taksim including İstiklal Avenue and Harbiye distict. Police forces also used gas bombs to disperse people around Taksim Gezi Park. TOMAs are spraying water in Gezi Park and Taksim Square. Thousands of people flocked the park today including children. (AS/BM)

15 June 2013