Abdullah Can Cömert was killed in Antioch!

A young man called Abdullah Can Cömert was killed by the police in Antioch!

In Antioch, the police killed Abdullah Can Cömert, 22-years-old, a member of CHP (Republican People’s Party) Antioch youth association.

Abdullah Can Cömert’s corpse was brought to the Antioch State hospital.

In the meantime, it is reported that about an hour prior to the killing, CHP Antioch MP Refik Eryılmaz warned the local police headquarters about the rising violence and quarreled with the chief of the police on the phone.

Eryılmaz is reported as saying to the chief of the police, “You should retreat from that area. The policemen beat the inhabitants there, enter into their houses and engage in unlawful operations.”

Accoding to the information acquired from the www.gercekgundem.com, Abdullah Can Cömert  from the CHP Antioch youth association was killed by a bullet to his head.

Abdullah Can Cömert’s last Twitter to the Fox TV:

@muratguloglu why don’t you broadcast the events here? last night, there were many casualties here in Tophane. a group of about 10 to 15 policemen is terrorizing the people.

04 June 2013
Source: http://www.kirmizihaber.com/