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On the news “Support to Turkey from Hungary” which is a part of the propaganda “There is international support for AKP” published by Cihan Haber Ajansi and Zaman newspaper:

“I am studying in Hungary. I’ve been following the Gezi Park events from the beginning as much as I could.  And I should confess that I was shocked when I saw the news about There is international support for AKP” in Zaman newspaper. Apparently, we, the Turks living in Hungary support AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan! This is a ridiculous and vicious claim. After the first police attacks on Gezi protesters, we organized protest meetings not only in the capital Budapest but also in other big cities of Hungary. And some Hungarians also participated in these protests.  The Hungarian press and media covered our protests, interviewed us and broadcast our declarations. We were 70-80 people.

And now, we’ve just learnt that in the Heroes Square, the same place that we protested two weeks ago, a person with suit gave a speech in front of 20 people and was photographed by the CHA.  I am a member of Turkish associations and Turkish students’ committee. We’ve never heard about this meeting. And I do not know Osman Sahbaz, the person who spoke on behalf of Turks living in Hungary.

Moreover, I would also like to share this information with you: According to Zaman newspaper, Hungary follow Turkey’s example. This is totally wrong. Hungary’s political structure has nothing to do with Turkey. This is something that even people who don’t study political sciences can understand. Hungarian ruling party is an anti-Semitist, anti-Islam and anti-migrants Christian Democrat Party. And the main opposition party is a conservative socialist party.

Please be aware that what is told in Zaman about Hungary is totally falsified and part of the AKP propaganda. The mainstream pro-AKP Turkish media is trying to hoax people. We should let them manipulate the truths!”

Cited in Ötekilerin Postası,  https://everywheretaksim.net/tr/macaristandan-bir-takipci/

16 June 2013



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