YTU (Yildiz Technical University) Student Lost His Eye!!!

YTUSelim Polat, 25, currently a student of YTU and a member of the board of management in Socialist Democracy Party (SDP) at Istanbul branch, lost his eye in Gezi Park demonstrations. He was interviewed by Radikal daily newspaper. In his interview, he indicated that he was hit by a plastic rubber shot by the police from a distance of ten meters.

Polat was stuck at SDP Istanbul branch on May 31th. Police had already surrounded Yogurtcu Faik street, where the party branch was located. Polat and his friends decided to go to Taksim Square. When Polat and his friends left the building, the police suddenly attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets. One of the rubber bullets hit Polat’s eye. He was taken to a hospital, but he had already lost his left eye.

He also indicated that he was able to open his eye, but there was no vision. He said that there had been excessive and disproportionate police force used that day. He will also file a criminal complaint.


10 June 2013

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