The helmet number of the policeman who shot the protestor is a-209

We were watching the area on camera while a small group of police were using rubber bullets. Shortly afterwards, they started to use tear gas. We joined the crowd who had been facing the police’s rubber bullets and it was then we learnt that a rubber bullet had hit the eye of  one the protestors. The wounded protestor was taken to the hospital by ambulance. We have photographic proof  that he was taken by ambulance. According to the hospital examinations, doctors predict that the injured protestor will probably have vision loss.

After the event, we started building an archive of the happenings of May 31st and we realized that we had photos of the policeman who fired the rubber bullet that  hit the protestor. On that day the police did not think to hide their helmet numbers. (They have illegally hidden their helmet numbers since this act of violence.) We do not know the name of the protestor shot by the police but should he want to complain to a prosecutor, we have the photos showing that policeman’s helmet number. The Helmet Number of the Policeman who shot the protestor is a-209.  We think that it is very important to share photos that may be helpful.


7 June 2013
Source: Social Media

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