On the 2nd June, people started to walk from Musalla District. Halkevleri, Partizan, ODP, TKP, TKP 1920 and HDK affiliates joined them. Approximately 5,000 people walked during this demonstration. People chanted “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” and “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”. The demonstration ended with a sit-down protest in Yarenlik District, where members of Education and Science Workers’ Union also joined.

On the 5th of June, people of Tarsus gathered in Yarenlik District in the evening and started to walk toward the AKP building on Rasim Dokur Street. The police forces accumulated in front of the AKP building and started to attack the people to prevent them from getting close to their destination. The demonstrators build a barricade against the police forces, who used pepper gas and pressurized water. After the clash ended, demonstrators walked back to Yarenlik District. Bystanders supported the protestors with honks and applause.



13 June 2013
Source: sendika.org