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Vancouver, CANADA


In Vancouver, people gathered twice on the 31st of May and the 3rd of June in order to support the resistance in Turkey. Around 70 people participated at first and around 500 to the second demonstration. In the second demonstration, petitions were prepared to urge the Canadian government to officially denounce the Turkish Republic’s current government and the police violence [...] → Read the full article…

San Francisco & Bay Area, USA


To support the Gezi Park protests in Taksim, demonstrations in the Bay Area of California started on Saturday, June 1st, in San Francisco. The call for demonstration addressed “all nature-loving people and the media,” and aimed to bring the police brutality to public’s attention. Several hundreds of people gathered in front of the San Francisco’s City Hall to show their [...] → Read the full article…

San Diego, USA


On the 1st of June around 200 people gathered in Balboa Park in order to support the resistance in Turkey. During the demonstrations “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance”, “Tayyip resign!” slogans were shouted again and again. The NBA player Mehmet Okur supported the demonstrators as well. Around 100 people came together again on the 4th of June in Mission Bay Park. [...] → Read the full article…

Brighton, England


Brighton held  two demonstration in order to raise public awareness about the recent incidents in Turkey. Although, most of the people already have some level of knowledge, they have realized how serious the conditions were. Demonstrations have succeeded to attract the attention of the people passing by the streets to the recent developments in Turkey.

Houston, USA

On June 8th, around 80 people have gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate to show solidarity with the resistance in Turkey. In the press release, the protesters have declared that it was not just about protecting the trees, it was about democracy. The interior minister, the governor and the mayor of Istanbul have been condemned. The government have also [...] → Read the full article…

Boston, USA

On June 5th, a group that gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate, informed the people of Boston of the true reasons of the protests and the excessive force that the police has been using. The group mentioned that as the academics, students, intellectuals and workers of Boston they see and are against all the injustices. The statement ended with [...] → Read the full article…



On the 4th of June, around 200 people gathered in front of the United Nation’s Geneva Centre. Police violence in Turkey and the government’s authoritarian attitude were criticized in the declarations that were read in Turkish, English and French. Demonstrations which had strong echoes in both the Genevan and Swedish presses were ended by singing songs and shouting out slogans. [...] → Read the full article…