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Çaylak Haber: Support from Switzerland to “Standing Man”


The citizens of Turkey living in Zurich showed their solidarity with the “Standing Man” protests which started as an alternative protest in Taksim. The stand still protest which was started by a performance artist Erdem Gündüz keeps on attracting people in Europe as well as all all around Turkey. Around 50 people has started a standing still protest to support the [...] → Read the full article…

SoL: Demonstration from Syrians in Solidarity with Gezi Resistance

Syrians have come together in front of the Turkish Consulate in Damascus to support the resistance continuing for 20 days. In order to show their solidarity with the people of Turkey, Syrians have come together in front of the Turkish consulate in Ebu Remmane district of Damascus at 1.00pm although the place was not suitable in terms of safety issues to [...] → Read the full article…

Copenhagen, DENMARK

June 16th, 2013, Amsterdam

In the capital city of Denmark, there has been several demonstrations to show solidarity with the resistance in Turkey. The demonstrations have been organized by the Alevi organizations and Nazim Hikmet cultural center. The demonstration on June 16th has been broadcasted in the national news channel TV2 News. Furthermore, the demonstrations have been supported by the orchestras in Denmark.



Since the beginning of the uprising in Turkey, there has been demonstrations almost everyday in Beursplein, Amsterdam. This constant support has succeeded drawing people’s attention to the recent developments in Turkey. Following the change in the style of the protests in Turkey, the protesters in Amsterdam have decided to meet 2 days in a week each time with a different theme and with [...] → Read the full article…



Since the beginning of the resistance in Turkey, almost everyday there has been a demonstration to show solidarity with the protests in Turkey in the capital city of England. On June 8th, around 5000 people have gathered in Trafalgar square chanting “Side by side against fascism”, “Resign Tayyip”. Many socialist and Kurdish groups have supported the demonstration. On June 15th, [...] → Read the full article…

Madrid, SPAIN


Capital of Spain, Madrid also host demonstrations to support Gezi Parkı and protests against the brutal police violence with one minute silence in front of the Turkish Consulate of Madrid. Spain with friendly citizens from other cities also supported Gezi.  Alicante, Zaragoza, Malaga, Mallorca…with you Turkish people.  Turkey is not alone! Photos and videos by Xiker Hidalgo.

Barcelona, SPAIN


Demonstrations started on 1st of June with more than 100 people gathered in “ el Parc de Ciutadella”,  one of the biggest park of Barcelona, in order to support the resistance in Gezi Parkı. Starting from the third of June, citizens of Barcelona also participates the demonstrations with Turkish people in front of the Turkish Consulate of Barcelona everyday between 19:00-21:00.  [...] → Read the full article…