Çaglayan Courthouse: “You can’t touch us!”


“I was there in the Çağlayan Courthouse in today’s riot. What started as a simple press release, turned into something else and here are some of the incidents that happened right before my eyes: “RIOT” security guards that built a wall of flesh, looked at us from a meter’s distance and said, “If you come any closer we will knock [...] → Read the full article…

Prime Minister has to go!

Just came back from Taksim, where I spent most of the day. After seeing the realities on the ground, I’m in no doubt, that it didn’t matter to the police, their leaders, the government and Recep Tayyip Erdogan if we were to die or not. We did not stick with any stone throwers nor any political party groups, who were [...] → Read the full article…

Hulya is still beautiful!


I was walking around Gezi Park when I bumped into this woman. She was sitting quietly. It was not difficult to guess what had happened to her but I wanted to ask her the story. She said that the police had targeted her face. Her teeth are broken and she has some fractures on her jaw. Yet, she is calm [...] → Read the full article…

Endearment via the use violence


Basak Ozcelik, who was allegedly battered by approximately 20 people in Gundogdu Square, Izmir province, has related her memories: ” I was forced to say that I love PM Erdogan and the Turkish Police. I also heard people’s slogans like, ‘Long live the power of the AK Party Youth!’ 7 June 2013 Source: Social Media

T24: Human Rights Foundation of Turkey: “640 thousand people have joined the demonstrations, 4 thousand people have been taken into custody and 3 thousand people have been injured”


Human Rights Foundation of Turkey drew attention to the 4 thousand people who had been taken into custody during the Resistance against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park. 3 thousand people have been injured, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In its current commentary, Domestic Affairs has claimed that, in 400 demonstrations that took place in 75 cities, 3 thousand [...] → Read the full article…

T24: Erdoğan: The Demonstrators in Taksim are not behaving honestly, I am asking who is my addressee?


Erdogan criticized the demonstrators and blamed the media. He said: “Take a look and notice the game being played here. There have been mistakes in the use of pepper gas, sure. However. the Topcu barracks will still be built.” Erdoğan, added that the entrance of the barracks could either be built as a mall or a city museum. Prime Minister [...] → Read the full article…