Such Solidarity Can Even Eliminate an Alien Invasion

If you ever saw TaksimGeziPark, you would never lose your hope for humanity, not to speak of this country. Wonder why?

- Voluntary paramedics had built an infirmary. In this infirmary that wouldn’t differ much from Sahra hospital, voluntary doctors and nurses were working while people were granting the extra medicine they had brought.

- On the tables under “Supplies” signs, the food which was brought by people from their houses was being distributed to the hungry ones. I heard many people saying: “We have money so we can go and eat somewhere else; ATMs are off, so maybe there are people who don’t have money now, let’s not eat from their share.”

- I had heard somewhere someone shouting “Who needs water?” I was very thirsty and took one bottle. I wanted to pay, they did not take it. “Guys, you should take it in order to replace it” said I. They said “We can’t, but you can buy a package from there and leave it here. We will give it to the ones who are in need”. The person who had built that desk, distributed water and had been financing it was saying “we’ve been earning from this country for years, now is the time to pay”.

- We were in front of the fire started by malicious ones. Brother Ali was trying to put it out with a thin hose. One of the young girls there asked “there is cement there, would it help?” Great idea! We, around 5-6 people, helped Ali immediately; while we were carrying the cement, 20 kilo each, to the fire others were trying to keep the long hose on the ground warning people to watch out for the hose so that they would not fall down.

Shortly, friends, this is not an ordinary solidarity. First of all, it does not have a leader. No one wants to have one, because no one has the will to gain the sovereignty, take over the power. Therefore we are not under one flag and we do not wish to be.

Such solidarity can even eliminate an alien invasion, not to speak of pressure.

Tevfik Uyar

from Facebook

04 June 2013

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