She has been struggling to live for 12 days

Lobna Allami, hit in the head by a gas bomb capsule on the 31st of May during the police attack on Taksim Gezi Parki, has been struggling to stay alive over the past 12 days.


Ismail Saymaz, a reporter from the newspaper Radikal, spoke to Fatin, Allamii’s sister. Fatin began working in the music industry after completing her university education as a philosophy major at the Middle Eastern Technical University. She began working in Berlin several months ago, and returned to Turkey to apply for her visa extension. While she was waiting for a response from the German Embassy, the Gezi Park protests started. She joined the sit-in protest in Taksim in response to a call from  DISK, the workers union. While she was running away from police vehicles which were using water cannons firing towards the AKM, she was hit in the head by a gas bomb capsule. She was rushed to the ER at Taksim First Aid Hospital and she suffered twice from cerebral hemorrhage. After undergoing two operations on both sides of her brain, she remains in a coma. There is no prediction regarding her state of health after she is waken up.

Her sister, Fatin, explained that Lobna was only using her constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully while refraining from any act of violence. She stated, “My sister would have come to Ankara following the protest on Friday night. Lobna is apolitical. Lobna has no ties with left- or right-wing politics. She just joined the protest as an environmentalist. She believed in passive, not active, resistance. She did not deserve this. We have not received any calls from any state officials. We want Lobna not to be forgotten.

12 June 2013

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