Raving Police!!!



A security guard, for almost 13 years leaves his workplace; Mimar Sinan University on Saturday morning 1st of June 2013, to go home. He gets stuck between police forces and the resisters nearby Yıldız Technical University. He raises his hands and asks for permission to pass saying; “ I am also in public service and I am going home”. Police fires tear gas on the man from 2-3 metre distance on purpose. My cousin Yakup Duman collapses to the ground and the raving police continues to hit him as he lays on the ground. Luckily, people stop the police. My intention is not to provoke against the police. However “JUSTICE MUST BE FOR EVERYONE, SO IS ENFORCEMENT.”

No to police terror…We used to say “Police help!”, these days we say “HELP IT’S THE POLICE!” I, Sıddık Duman, will not let this issue be unresolved, I will file a complaints to European Court of Human Rights if I have to.

What I ask from you sensitive people is to help me find the footage of this incident or any eyewitnesses in order to carry this shameless incident to European Court of Human Rights. If there is anyone who witnessed this incident, please contact me for the will of God. Sıddık Duman +90 543 454 54 44.

“One who is silent against unfairness, is no different than toungless devil…!”   Hz. Muhammed.

My request from you; is to share this …

God bless your hearts and souls…

Sıddık Duman

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14 Haziran 2013

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