No throne carrying an unrighteous Sultan is robust

We heard that, you intend to cut the trees. Don’t.

We heard that, you are going to build a shopping mall in place of the trees you cut. Don’t.

For years, you have been adducing the votes you got to insult indiscriminately.

You yell at Tekel strikers, scold airline employees, subdue journalists…

At the sight of people objecting to you, TOMA (police panzer) comes to your mind. When you see a statue with its head up, you think of bulldozers.

We heard that, you swore to surround our lives with buildings and bind the economy to unearned income. Don’t.

You knew cutting the trees at Gezi Park was unjust. That is why, with feelings of guilt, you intended to cut them at midnight, while Istanbul was fast asleep. But in this city, there are still those who are up at night.

Sometimes, peoples’ longest run happens at the shortest distance: from one end of Gezi Park to the other. The distance from one end of the park, where the trees were pulled out to the other end where Taksim Square is located is a couple of meters.

This public succeeded at running that short distance, which ends at that square you forbid for May 1st. And they arrived at the square with hundreds of thousands of people.

Public’s memory tends to be good, and in its subconscious mind the public knows that there have always been good runners in its history.

Today, those 17, 18-year-old teens who take to the streets carry the memory of Deniz as they step to the fore with excitement.

We heard that, you called that youth, looters. Don’t.

People want to determine their futures themselves. No one can violate this right. This youth does not want to live the way you command. They don’t have to go to a religious imam-hatip school, have three children, and agree with you till death.

If those kids at Taksim had the state resources you have, they would govern this country better than you do. In fact, they would protect the trees and the historical remnants which you call pots and bowls.

For days, the young and the old, women and men have been protesting, for the first time, with no ties to one common political party or organization.

They are individuals from a myriad of backgrounds. They are different. But their common point is that they are all sick of your insults. This is a scream, and the owner of this scream is the people themselves.

You bomb Roboski and then send money to the families of the victims, as if you are buying stuff from the wholesale market. When soccer fans jeer at you at Arena, you shout at them saying you were the one who built the stadium, as if you gave the money out of your own pocket.

You don’t want the representatives at the parliament to move a finger without your knowledge, as if you have turned them into your slaves.

Who has a right to define Alawite faith? If they say that cemevi is their temple, you have to respect that. By naming the third bridge Yavuz Sultan Selim, you, once again, show that you don’t respect those people but rather prefer to command them.

We heard that you said you could take one million people to the streets if only you wanted to. And in order to do so, you apparently reminded people that you are going to build a mosque at Taksim. It surely must seem easy to gather power that way. You pull the people apart as Sunni-Alevi and religious-atheist, while you don’t value anything but money and your own belief system.

As you speak you look at your scripted speech at the balcony, but let your hatred loose when you come down. We have a philosopher, named Zizek who says, “Totalitarianism is to exalt humanitarian values with words but to crush those same values in practice. You, too, exalt humanitarian values in theory but always crush them in practice. And then, you expect people to keep their silence.

Today, if pale skinned adolescents come together with dark skinned suburban teens, its only reason is their common demand for ending oppression and authoritarianism. People are not helpless. The public is not like those subdued bureaucrats, bosses and the media. When “important” people can’t let a single word against the government slip through, “ordinary” people can rebel. Because one finds power in money, whereas the other finds power in its own existence.

In superman movies, we see that extraordinary man change identities and live like an ordinary man during normal times. He becomes Clark Kent, a journalist who is clumsy, incompetent, in short, a weak person. But when there is an incident, the superman costume under his shirt comes out. It boils down to this: Ordinary or weird people are not weak. There lies a creative potential in them. This is a little bit from Nietzsche and a bit from Kant’s philosophy. Today our people say what they have to say and actualize that potential that lies within.

As one resister said, everybody started living like Clark Kent during the day and superman at night. And, you, on the other hand, constantly scream at people like those dictators in movies and want them to bow down to the big brother.

You know what? You did get the most votes, but you also got the most curse.

We heard that you are going to belittle your people’s demand for freedom and do as you wish. Don’t.

Source: Facebook page called “Ötekilerin Postası”

06 June 2013


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