Resist Dilan!

June 16th, 2013 at 13:45 PM… The police brutally attacked people who gathered at the Güvenpark in Ankara to commemorate the death of Ethem Sarısülük (human right activist who was shot by the police during the protests and died on June 2nd, 2013). After the attack, some protesters dispersed all over the Kızılay neighborhood while others, most of whom were university  students, retreated towards Kurtuluş. The intention of the police wasn’t just to disperse people but to intimidate, even to a greater extend wound or kill them. There was a university student among those who retreated to Kurtuluş and her name was Dilan Dursun.

Armored vehicles called “Scorpions” were chasing people. The protestors and passersby were running for their lives. Dilan also started to run. At that moment, came the atrocious attack of the police.  A policeman on the “Scorpion” aimed Dilan’s head from a distance of 10-metre and shot her. Dilan fell facedown.

A passerby hurried to help her, but realizing the street was surrounded by the “Scorpions”, he got scared and ran away. Another protestor and a doctor come to Dilan’s help. A few policemen got off  their Scorpions to check the situation.  Noticing that Dilan had been injured from her head, the police officers fled the crime scene.  Nevertheless, as the police officers were leaving, they  remembered to fire a tear gas bomb at Dilan lying on the ground unconscious as well as the protester and the doctor helping Dilan… The protester called a nearby state hospital and asked for an ambulance. After waiting for 15 minutes, they received a call from the hospital saying that the ambulance could not come because the roads were all blocked. No, this is not a typo.  Limited traffic allowed on the roads of Ankara includes police cars but not ambulances. Maybe, the ambulances are designated for the use of only 50 % of the population (who voted for the AKP).

Finally, Dilan was brought to the hospital by taxi. She is immediately taken to the operating room. Her surgery goes well she is still in critical condition because of the edema in her brain.

I described everything as it happened. All the contrary arguments, such as she just fell or her friends hurt her, are utterly false. They tried to kill our friend Dilan while she was peacefully commemorating the death of Ethem, shot by a police officer.

Dilan is a resister…

Dilan is a provocateur…

Dilan is marginal…

Dilan is a chapuler…

And this is why she was targeted and shot.

Resist Dilan!

Ömür Çağdaş Ersoy


18 June 2013

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