Firat News: Gezi Protesters in Germany Tour

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, one of the most important institutions for political education, is organizing a series of meetings across the country with activists of the Gezi Park Movement.

Göksun Yazıcı, of Müştereklerimiz movement, is a journalist for the magazine Express; Begüm Özden Fırat, is a lecturer and author in sociology at the University of Fine Arts of Mimar Sinan, active in the network of immigration and anti-gentrification (urban renewal); Gökhan Bicici, is editor nell’IMC-TV and one of the members of the online portal Emek Dünyası, winner of the “Freedom of the Press” awarded by the Association of Journalists of Turkey; Meltem Oral, campaigner against neoliberalism, racism and homophobia and Fırat Genç, author and activist network Müştereklerimiz will speak in six major cities of Germany during the month of August.

“It ‘started with a protest against the construction of a shopping center, and the event has changed the Turkish political system. – reads the leaflet of the event – A seemingly insignificant squatting action brought in a few days hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, first in Istanbul, then in countless small and big cities of Turkey. Brutal raids by the state powers and the silence of the mainstream media has prompted even more people to take to the streets. The bold and imaginative movement continues, is not intimidated and is not deterred”.

Five activists of the first acts of occupation talk about the perfidy of a system: the expropriation of public space, the expulsion of “dangerous weapons” from the center of the city, gentrification / urban redevelopment, the particular mixture of capitalist modernization with authoritarian Islamization.

ANF – Berlin
25 August 2013