Firat News: Demirtaş – We stand by the people

Speaking about the Taksim resistance which has spread to the whole country on its eight day now, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş commented the protest as a ‘legitimate rebellion’ against repression.

Demirtaş said they stood by people’s legitimate resistance which -he said- was the only way to achieve democracy and freedom. He pointed out that protestors on streets should all together demand a new constitution and more freedom. “We must be able to defend a free future for our children as much as we defend the trees in Taksim”, he said and criticized the media for distorting his previous statement in which he said that Kurds will not be supporting those who are trying to turn the protests to an opposition against them. “We respect the revolutionaries and workers resisting on streets and we are already standing by them as a people who have been resisting against repression and fascism for many years now”, he added.

It is the AKP government itself that has made people rise up, he said and added that the PM must draw a lesson from the growing resistance and pave the way for democracy instead of attacking young people with panzer and tear gas.

ANF – Ankara
3 June 2013