Resistance in Eskisehir!

“Eskişehir, 5:40 A.M…  I’ve never ever seen or experienced such a thing before. TOMAs, Riot Control Vehicles, agitated people… They even sprayed pressurized water to the third floors of apartment buildings. They fired pepper gas bombs at people. Then two TOMAs stopped and  police came out in groups of four or five. They rushed into the streets along Aytaç Avenue to assault people. I was trapped at the entrance of a street, in front of a building where reporters of some TV channels were taking footage. I begged the policemen, 4-5 years younger than me, for mercy and reminded them that representatives of the mainstream media were watching. They responded: “You CURSED OUR MOTHERS!” I am resolutely against use of sexist, profane language as anyone with political awareness should defend women’s rights. What I witnessed tonight was young policemen enjoying hurting people. I looked directly into their eyes. One of them hit me in the groins with a tear gas rifle. Shame on you! Those who enjoy torturing people cannot go to heaven. They will pay in the hereafter. At the moment, my legs are full of bruises and it hurts to  walk. I am really ashamed of this situation! I can’t understand how a group of people sitting in a park can actually offend anyone. You’re making enemies by brutalizing the children of this nation.”


19 June 2013


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