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The Guardian: Teargas: a booming market in repressing dissent – Anna Feigenbaum

Turkish riot policeman uses tear gas against

To weapons companies, Turkish protests sit alongside terrorism as another sales opportunity. It’s time to stop the mass poisoning. This picture of Ceyda Sungur being sprayed with teargas has become a symbol of the protests in Turkey. Photograph: Osman Orsal/Reuters In the wake of the protests in Turkey, much has been written and said about the iconic “woman in the [...] → Read the full article…

Police blinded this time by physical assault!


Police forces have terrorized the country with gas bombs and rubber bullets since Gezi Park demonstrations started. They blinded Hakan Yaman, a 37-year-old father of two kids, who was trying to go back to his house in Istanbul Sarigazi, by kicking him at first, and then they trown him him into the fire. Being admitted to Kartal Education and Research [...] → Read the full article…

Today’s Zaman: Gezi, anatomy of a public square movement – Nilüfer Göle


A new movement is in the making right in front of our eyes. Even the participants in this movement are astonished. They feel the joy of hearing their own voices and seeing the unifying power of their acts. The tension is high, even days later. There is a festive atmosphere despite the disturbing sense of potential clashes, the police pressure, [...] → Read the full article…

The helmet number of the policeman who shot the protestor is a-209


We were watching the area on camera while a small group of police were using rubber bullets. Shortly afterwards, they started to use tear gas. We joined the crowd who had been facing the police’s rubber bullets and it was then we learnt that a rubber bullet had hit the eye of  one the protestors. The wounded protestor was taken [...] → Read the full article…

Hulya is still beautiful!


I was walking around Gezi Park when I bumped into this woman. She was sitting quietly. It was not difficult to guess what had happened to her but I wanted to ask her the story. She said that the police had targeted her face. Her teeth are broken and she has some fractures on her jaw. Yet, she is calm [...] → Read the full article…

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey: Joint statement of the human rights NGOs to the public

The actions initially referred to as the “Gezi Park Protests” which within a short period of time spread beyond Gezi Park and Istanbul are known to the public. The events first began in Istanbul, and later continued in Ankara, İzmir and many other cities of Turkey with widespread police violence against the protesters. Organizations sensitive to human rights focused during [...] → Read the full article…

Endearment via the use violence


Basak Ozcelik, who was allegedly battered by approximately 20 people in Gundogdu Square, Izmir province, has related her memories: ” I was forced to say that I love PM Erdogan and the Turkish Police. I also heard people’s slogans like, ‘Long live the power of the AK Party Youth!’ 7 June 2013 Source: Social Media

Do not despair and remain hopeful


Duran Akbas, who was seriously wounded when shot by the police yesterday, is still in the intensive care unit after surgery. He has not yet woken up and is in a critical condition. It is said that his survival is nearly a miracle. We have not lost hope, just as we have not lost hope since Mayday for Dilan, Meral [...] → Read the full article…

Will the Erasmus student be deported?


“I am a journalism student, I was there to make news” Detained Erasmus journalism student Lorraine Klein from France will be held in Kumkapi, Deparment of Foreigners Headquarters for a couple more days, in anticipation of the decision regarding her deportation. Klein says “I was there to make news.” Erasmus program student Lorraine Klein from France, was taken into custody [...] → Read the full article…