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Abuse In Detention – Filiz Yavuz


D.E. does not know which street she was forced to walk on, and for how long. The only thing she remembers are the hands on her body and the paved stones she saw while she was walking with her head bent down. Her lawyer, Ayşen Akçay, pointed that during the first week of the protests in Ankara, approximately 260 women [...] → Read the full article… Abused by the police, Eylem Karadağ: ‘We shouldn’t keep quiet, they should be scared of our courage.’


Eylem Karadağ is among the female resisters. Detained during Dikmen resistance on 26 June 2013, Eylem was abused by the police and threatened with rape. She talked to about her experience. And she has a message for everybody: ‘We shouldn’t keep quiet, they should be scared of our courage. We should speak up so that AKP can’t continue its [...] → Read the full article…

Hurriyet: that ‘French agent’ explained about what has happened in Turkey


French student Elisa Couvert (24), who was taken into custody in Istanbul during the Gezi Park Resistance, spoke to the Hurriyet. She stated that she has to return back to finish her research project and added that she brought a lawsuit against “unjust” decision of deportation. How was your first contact with Turkey? I studied at Galatasaray University two years ago as [...] → Read the full article…

T24: Human Rights Foundation of Turkey: “640 thousand people have joined the demonstrations, 4 thousand people have been taken into custody and 3 thousand people have been injured”


Human Rights Foundation of Turkey drew attention to the 4 thousand people who had been taken into custody during the Resistance against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park. 3 thousand people have been injured, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. In its current commentary, Domestic Affairs has claimed that, in 400 demonstrations that took place in 75 cities, 3 thousand [...] → Read the full article…