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The marginal chappuler in the video images of the Dolmabahçe police violence: “Why was I the last man down?” Selçuk Uygur


Hello everybody, I would like to tell you about the incidents myself as the main protagonist of the videos showing the “Dolmabahçe Polis Violence” recorded on the 2nd of June 2013 at night in Dolmabahçe and broadcast on youtube. I am the person that the police tried to lynch in those images after the Billboard Resistance. Those of you who are [...] → Read the full article…

Bianet: The life of the university student beaten in Eskişehir is still in critical condition


Ali İsmail Korkmaz, battered by civilians weilding bats in their hands in Eskişehir, was disconnected from the breathing machine; however, his life is still in critical condition. The camera images the prosecution office demanded are deleted or damaged. Ali İsmail Korkmaz, 19, attacked by civilians weilding bats in their hands in Eskişehir, started to breath himself; however, his life is [...] → Read the full article…

Dr. Michele Heisler interviews an injured Turkish protester


PHR’s Dr. Michele Heisler interviews an injured Turkish protester, Hasan Kilicgedik, and his father, Ali Kilicgedik, at the American Hospital in Istanbul. Hasan suffered a skull fracture and bleeding in his brain when police fired two tear gas canisters directly at his face at close range. 30 June 2013 Source; Social Media

Radikal: ‘They shot me in the back’


“I was shot in the back when I was facing back to the station. I am sure that fire was shot from the gendarmerie station” said Rondia, who was shot during the protests against the construction to the gendarmerie station in Lice. Rodina Pervane was shot through her left shoulder by an army bullet during the protest against the construction [...] → Read the full article…

Hürriyet: “My twelve-year-old son was arrested. I almost lost my mind.”


    We continue Gezi testimonies with Derya. What she has been through is nerve-racking . Her twelve-year-old son, Alperen, was arrested. Inside an armed riot vehicle called Scorpion, he was taken around Ankara.  The police hit his head over and over again and kicked him numerous times. Mistaking the woman next to Alperen as his mother, the police made her kiss their [...] → Read the full article…

Hürriyet: “We are everywhere!”


Today’s heroes were also the heroes of Gezi…  Now, they are more reliable, more respectable.. Gezi; along with Çarşı, Redhack and Anticapitalist Muslims, has brought LGBT individuals under the spotlight. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals will rejoice and walk together at 17:00 today. Their main slogan is “If you are not here we are one missing”. They are candid [...] → Read the full article…

Abuse In Detention – Filiz Yavuz


D.E. does not know which street she was forced to walk on, and for how long. The only thing she remembers are the hands on her body and the paved stones she saw while she was walking with her head bent down. Her lawyer, Ayşen Akçay, pointed that during the first week of the protests in Ankara, approximately 260 women [...] → Read the full article… Abused by the police, Eylem Karadağ: ‘We shouldn’t keep quiet, they should be scared of our courage.’


Eylem Karadağ is among the female resisters. Detained during Dikmen resistance on 26 June 2013, Eylem was abused by the police and threatened with rape. She talked to about her experience. And she has a message for everybody: ‘We shouldn’t keep quiet, they should be scared of our courage. We should speak up so that AKP can’t continue its [...] → Read the full article…

Hürriyet: The driver that knocked over and fled registered a complaint against him


İsmail Aydoğdu (23), one of the 4 people injured by an automobile ploughing through the crowd of protesters gathered at Kızılay Square in Ankara, has successfully held on to life following 2 weeks of struggling for survival. At first, the driver that knocked Aydoğdu over, had fled from the crime scene. Later however, the driver registered a complaint at the [...] → Read the full article…