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BirGun: Police bashed up 25 people in Sancaktepe


25 people returning from a rally last night in Sancaktepe in support with Gezi Park demonstrations were hospitalized after being beaten up by the police. While 22 of the protesters were sent back home after being treated immediately, 3 of them who were in more serious status were referred to Kartal Research Hospital after the initial treatment in Sancaktepe District [...] → Read the full article…

Fıratnews: A protester shot to death by a gun in Hatay


A young man, Abdullah Cömert, participating in the Gezi Park protests in the Armutlu neighborhood of Hatay’s town center, was dead, as a result of police shooting. According to the eye-witnesses, Cömert was killed by the bullets coming from the Scorpion police vehicle. It’s been reported that last night at 23:55 PM in the Armutlu neighborhood, there had been a [...] → Read the full article…

Abdullah Can Cömert was killed in Antioch!

A young man called Abdullah Can Cömert was killed by the police in Antioch! In Antioch, the police killed Abdullah Can Cömert, 22-years-old, a member of CHP (Republican People’s Party) Antioch youth association. Abdullah Can Cömert’s corpse was brought to the Antioch State hospital. In the meantime, it is reported that about an hour prior to the killing, CHP Antioch [...] → Read the full article…

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  A sixteen year old girl. No name, no story Diren Gezi Parkı 04 June 2013

Police fired gas bomb aiming at our faces


Police violence on Gezi Park resistance has caused many Istanbullies suffer severe injuries. Burak Ünveren, a PhD holder research assistant at Faculty of Economics of Yıldız Technical University, and his student Selim Poyraz both lost one eye due to plastic bullets and gas canister fired by the police. Ünveren and Poyraz are currently under medical treatment at Şişli Etfal Hospital, [...] → Read the full article…

Police gas hit lieutenant colonel: He risks losing an eye!


Lieutenant Colonel Necati Metin, second in command at Mugla Gendermarie Headquarters, is injured by the ttear gas shot of the police. Lieut. Colonel was willing to talk to the demonstrators protesting in solidarity with Gezi Park events. MUGLA – Lieutenant Colonel Necati Metin, second in command at Mugla Gendermarie Headquarters, wanted to negotiate with people who poured on the streets [...] → Read the full article…

Partial blindness and brain trauma


On the night of the 2nd of June, in Dolmabahçe,  from a distance of 5 meters she was shot by a tear gas cartridge. The cartridge hit  her eyebrow. Her forefront was cracked open. At the infirmary in Taksim Square, they tried  emegency medical intervention without success. so, she was brought to the German Hospital where they diagnosed her situation [...] → Read the full article…

LiveLeak: Woman protester headshot by police tear gas gun

İstanbul – Police intervened in a group of people at Taksim Gezi Park
in Istanbul by using tear gas and pressurized water against those
protesting the demolition of the park and uprooting of the trees since
Monday. A group of protestors who gathered at Taksim Square was dispersed by police using pressurized water and tear gas.

In the intervention, some protestors were injured. Medical teams arrived on the scene and treated them.

A woman (Lavna Allani) with head injury was taken to hospital. Her medical condition is critical and skull is broken.

Within the scope of the Taksim pedestrianization project, approved by the
government in February 2012, the Gezi Park walls facing the Elmadag area
were demolished by construction workers on Monday night. Shortly after,
a group of protesters came to the park to prevent further uprooting of
the trees and demolition of walls.Earlier, Prime Minister Recep
Tayyip Erdogan commented on the protests by saying that the government
had made its decision and there would be no U-turn in this regard.



31 May 2012

Radikal: His testicles were torn off in police violence


Images of police violence were published showing violence directed against Hazar Tunca during the Gezi Park demonstrations. Videos of the police attack on Hazar Tunca during events following the police intervention aimed at breaking up the gathering in Taksim’s Gezi Park have been released. He got to the tree before the bulldozer and shielded the tree It seems that Tunca [...] → Read the full article…

Student from Istanbul Technical University Naval Architecture Faculty looses eye!


Sepehr Vahabi, an Iranian student at the Faculty of Naval Architecture at Istanbul Technical University, lost his left eye due to a rubber bullet fired by the police force during the Gezi Park demonstrations. Many people were wounded last week as police forces attacked demonstrators protesting against the demolition of Gezi Park with pressurized water, pepper gas and rubber bullets. [...] → Read the full article…