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Manisa There was a mass demonstration in Manisa Soma on 1st of June. Source: 13th of June 2013, What happened in different cities after the 31st of May?

Taksim Gezi Park protests to spread other cities all over Turkey

Taksim Gezi Park protests spread to other cities in Turkey. People gathered in Kugulu Park (Swan Park) and around the Kizilay centre in Ankara, and demonstrations took place in numerous other cities in opposition to the violent intervention of the police against the Taksim Park protests. Taksim Gezi Park protests spread to other cities in Turkey. People gathered in Ankara [...] → Read the full article…



On the 2nd of June, thousands of people came together in front of AZC Plaza. They blocked traffic and walked toward Kosuyolu Park. After giving a press release, people protested against the attacks in Taksim. After the protest, demonstrators again blocked traffic and walked back to AZC Plaza singing Gundogdu March. People gathered one more time at 8 PM. The [...] → Read the full article…


Approximately 1,000 people gathered in PTT Square on the 1st of June. The mass of people walked to Bozat Garage. Police wanted the protestors to end the demonstration and the crowd dispersed after arguing with the police. 13 Jne 2013 Source:



On the 2nd June, people started to walk from Musalla District. Halkevleri, Partizan, ODP, TKP, TKP 1920 and HDK affiliates joined them. Approximately 5,000 people walked during this demonstration. People chanted “Everywhere Taksim, everywhere resistance” and “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”. The demonstration ended with a sit-down protest in Yarenlik District, where members of Education and Science Workers’ Union also [...] → Read the full article…


On the 5th of June, the strike organized by DISK (Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions), KESK (Confederation of Public Workers’ Unions) and TTB (Turkish Medical Association) had high attendance. Hospitals, schools and offices were mostly empty. 13 June 2013 Source;

Bianet: Lawyers protest police violence


Thousands of lawyers from bar associations in İstanbul, Ankara, Batman, Diyarbakır, Adana, Eskişehir, Bursa, Konya, Antep, Denizli, Aydın and İzmir have protested yesterday’s detention and beating of 44 lawyers in Istanbul Courthouse. Armored police officers intervened yesterday a group lawyers who were making a press statement on the steps of Istanbul Courthouse to protest the police violence in Taksim Square. Police [...] → Read the full article…