Bianet: Taksim Solidarity released a statement: “All detainees must Be Released”

Taksim Solidarity held a press conference this morning, urging the immediate release of their detained members. “It was the people who ensured the status of park as it is,” they said.


Taksim Solidarity held a press conference this morning – in the aftermath of last night’s police violence on Gezi Parkers and detention of several Taksim Solidarity members.

The press statement urged the immediate release of all detainees, saying that the access on public can not be restricted.

Held in Taxim Hill Hotel, the conference was attended by Turkish Doctors Union Chairman Özdemir Aktan, Chamber of Architects Chairman Eyüp Muhçu, Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DISK) General Secretary Arzu Çerkezoğlu, TMMOB Board member Mehmet Soğancı, Mustafa Turgut  from Istanbul Branch Platform of Public Sector Labor Unions Confederation (KESK) and Hüseyin Demirören from Taksim Solidarity secretariat.
“Police intervention came without a warning”

Reading the statement released by Taksim Solidarity, Mehmet Soğancı said 48 members of their platform were detained and kept in Istanbul’s main police headquarters in Vatan Avenue.

He said that yesterday’s police intervention with water cannons and gas bombs took place without a warning, and platform members were detained unlawfully under the order of Istanbul governor.

Urging the authorities to release all detainees without further processing, Soğancı claimed that the government was lying to its people by controlling the city of Istanbul with police violence.

“The park remained as it is after a long struggle of people against the government’s nature-hostile, unscientific, anti-democratic and profit-seeking project. It is the people who saved the park and it is the people who make it more beautiful. And not the government,” he said.

Soğancı also reminded that people resisted against police violence since June 28 even though violators have been cleared out and left unpunished.

“All the spontaneous forums across Turkey’s parks and squares marked a light of hope in the construction of true democracy where we can determine our own future ourselves.”
“Scores of injuries due to rubber bullets”

Eyüp Muhçu: Istanbul governor has no competence to determine whether or not people can enter a park. Restricting public access is a crime. We will not seek permission to enter any public space.

Özdemir Aktan: Istanbul governor invited people to the park initially and welcomed them with gas bombs afterwards. Should we consider this as a trap? One of the striking facts about recent police violence is the firing of rubber bullets. We don’t have the exact number but scores have been reportedly injured due to rubber bullet wounds.

Arzu Çerkezoğlu: Nothing will be the same after June resistance. People who demanded freedom, equality and peace won here, while AKP government has lost. I am inviting the government to leave behind their irrational policies.

Mustafa Turgut: PM is governing the city, therefore he is the responsible. All those who are responsible of violence must be prosecuted to alleviate tensions.

Following the press conference, the group marched towards Taksim Gezi Park, as they chanted slogans “Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance”.
“We don’t know detainees’ charges”

Addressing the crowd in Gezi Park, advocate Can Atalay said the court verdict on Gezi Park was published in National Judicial Network (UYAP) on June 18. “However,” Atalay continued, “we delayed the announcement of the detailed verdict as we didn’t rely on authorities. This is the reason why we announced the final verdict as soon as it was announced on July 3.”

He also added that yesterday’s detainees were yet to see their lawyers and no charges have been made.

Police detained 80 protestors yesterday including 48 members of Taksim Solidarity.

Some of yesterday’s detainees from Taksim Solidarity were listed as follows: Mücella Yapıcı (Chamber of Architects), Ali Çerkezoğlu (Turkish Doctors Union General Secretary), Beyza Metin (Chamber of Electric Engineers Istanbul Branch Chairwoman), Süleyman Solmaz (TMMOB Istanbul Coordination Council Secretary), Akif Burak Atlar (Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch Secretary), Sabri Orcan (Chamber of Architects Istanbul Chamber) yönetim kurulu üyesi Ender Imrek (People’s Democratic Congress executive board member), TKP MYK member Erkan Baş, Haluk Ağabeyoğlu from HDK, Hakan Dilmeç from Kaldıraç Magazine, EHP Istanbul Chamber Chairman Emre Öztürk. (NV/BM)
9 July 2013