Bianet: “State of Emergency” Application to ECHR

Human Rights Association of Turkey (IHD) urged all police violence victims of Gezi Park resistance to file complaints to be brought to the attention of the European Court of Human Rights according to the “state of emergency” exception in the convention.


Human Rights Association of Turkey (IHD) officials are currently making efforts towards bringing the attention of European Court of Human Rights on the human rights violations during and after Gezi Park resistance protests.

IHD Chairperson Öztürk Türkdoğan told bianet that the convention allowed applicants to apply to ECHR directly and without the requirement of exhausting internal jurisdiction in cases where severe human rights violations are taking place.

“We are facing an exceptional situation here. 4,000 people are injured and thousands have been left disappeared under detention. All the violence is happening before us, but no authorities are taking any measures. Prosecutors are just watching the violations. No police officers or those who are responsible have been suspended, no investigations are underway.”

Türkdoğan underscored that their application could make an impact on the prevention of possible violations if it gets accepted by ECHR.

IHD has set its goal to collect at least 500 complaints to application eligibility within the framework of ECHR Internal Convention Article 39 on the temporary precautions.

According to an appeal to the police violence victims released by the association, an individual complaint must include the following content:

* How applicants were effected during the incident (subjected to gas/torture and ill-treatment/injury)

* Detailed and real facts (date and time, subjected to gas/torture and ill-treatment/detained/injured/subjected to the following under detention/forced to sign the following documents/signed/released at such location or injured at such location/hospitalized at such hospital/such examination were made/my lawyer or family was not alerted)

* Registries (written/visual/audio) and documents

According to a statement released by IHD, if you or anyone you know has been subjected to harm by the acts of public officials or their appointed individuals, please apply to IHD branches and representatives immediately with a written statement. (AS/BM)

Ayça Söylemez
6 June 2013