Bianet: Photo Essay – Thousands Bring Gezi Parkı Resistance to A New Day

There are thousands of people in Gezi Park and Taksim Square. They are bringing their struggle to a new day as they are saluting the resistance under the trees carved with names of who has lost lives.

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Leaving behind Day 8 of Gezi Parkı Resistance, thousands are bringing the resistance to a new day. Scores joined Gezi Park by the late hours of the night. We hear a lot of people saying “We come here after work”. Though it gets harder to find each other after a certain time. This is where all banners step in. You can hear “I am in front of ‘Tayyip resign’ banner “ or “I am right at ‘Revolution’”. The non-violent tone is still dominant among crowds. Many listen to John Lennon’s words on how the only authorities can’t deal is non-violent protests and humor.

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Peace banners alongside with Hrant Dink banners.

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The smoke rising from burger trucks and corn sellers replaced the smoke from gas bombs.  People are also lining up at canteen set up for Gezi Park. There are several food-drink service spots in the park. Volunteers tour around the park with plastic bags to replace full ones. Many other at Taksim Square pick trash with their bare hands.

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There is no police presence but gas masks and solutions are poised already. Many park visitors head to desk where these materials are distributed. Many “ridicule” the police attacks by saying “We haven’t been gassed today. We are addicted already”. Nor Zartonk group set up a symbolic cemetery for Surp Hagop Ermeni Mezarlığı, an Armenian cemetery that was replaced during the construction of the park. “You took our cemetery, but not our park,” Nor Zartonk banner said.

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The picture of Mehmet Ayvalıtaş and Abdullah Cömert, who died during the resistance, are present everywhere. 

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The names of those who lost their lives in Reyhanlı twin bombings and Roboski are attached to trees.

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Activists acknowledged every single city that joined the resistance by reading aloud their names.

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People chatter, dance, sleep, nap or read books that they borrowed from the library…

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Gezi Park is packed with students, artists, women, men, elderly, youngsters, LGBTTs and soccer fans. There are no political party banners in the park. There are rather banners from worker unions, NGOs, student organizations, as well as Turkish flags. Political organization banners are rather at the square.

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You can hear whistles and applause most of the time. People chant “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”, Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance” and “Tayyip resign” mostly.

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Thousands are leaving behind the 8th day of Gezi Park resistance, a resistance that spread across the country after a social media message that gave the news of “Dozers entered Gezi Park”. (BK/HK/BM)

Beyza Kural
5 June 2013