Bianet: Gezi Park discusses next steps

490-254Taksim Solidarity counted its meeting with PM Erdoğan to Gezi Park protestors. A forum has been launched to determine on the next steps of the process. The group will have a press a statement at 10 am tomorrow.

Taksim Solidarity held a meeting with Gezi Park protestors this afternoon, sharing information on their meeting with PM Erdoğan in Ankara last night. The solidarity is running forums with Gezi protestors in 7 different locations of the park.

Kahraman: Decision-makers are Gezi Park resisters

Addressing to Gezi Park protestors, Tayfun Kahraman from Taksim Solidarity said they mentioned Erdoğan on the police violence in full detail and reiterated their demands to see Gezi Park as a public park. Some of the highlights from Kahraman’s speech included:

* The decision-makers of ongoing talks with the government is only Gezi Parkers. We have forwarded all their demands. This is the legitimate and representative space.

* Our demand for the prosecution of policemen who abused their duties was responded by  the government  as follows: 3 policemen were fired and they would take necessary measures from now on.

* Our demand for the immediate release of detained protestors left unanswered.

* Our demand for the freedom expression in Turkey’s public squares left unanswered.

* We heard about last night’s police violence in Ankara after we left the meeting. We had no knowledge on the incident in the meanwhile.

Atalay: We will form our own organization

Following Kahraman, advocate Can Atalay addressed the crowd. “We will decide together, we will win together. They are trying to weaken the circle around us. We shouldn’t forget this and must act accordingly. They can no longer resume the politics bans in Taksim, Kızılay and other public squares. We will not let this happen,” he said.

“Our park will remain as a public park. They won’t even put a pin in the park. We will form our own organization against that.”

Atalay also underscored the spirit of union and invited all activists to support SDP in Istanbul Courthouse tomorrow at 5 pm local time.

Forums held in 7 locations

Following the speeches, Taksim Solidarity announced forums in 7 different locations of the park starting by 4 pm local time. Forum sessions emphasized on the importance of individual participation to protests. Organization representatives will reportedly attend Taksim Solidarity meeting. The group will have a press a statement at 10 am tomorrow.

Yüce Yöney
14. 06. 2013