Barcelona, SPAIN

Demonstrations started on 1st of June with more than 100 people gathered in “ el Parc de Ciutadella”,  one of the biggest park of Barcelona, in order to support the resistance in Gezi Parkı.


Starting from the third of June, citizens of Barcelona also participates the demonstrations with Turkish people in front of the Turkish Consulate of Barcelona everyday between 19:00-21:00.  Beyond that, if you walk through the Barcelona streets in these days, one of our Catalan friends could give you a brooch that “Tot som Taksim (Everywhere is Taksim), Tot som resistencia  (Everywhere is resistance), Heryer Taksim” writen on.


photo: In front of the Turkish Consulate of Barcelona, June 3rd, 2013

More importantly, memory of Abdullah Can Comert who was the victim of police violence in Gezi Parki was honored with flowers.


Finally, Catalan Parliament gave a speech in Catalan and Turkish to appeal the Turkish Government to stop the violence and showed their support to Gezi Parki.

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